Former Bonanno boss Basciano headed to Supermax

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Vinny Gorgeous

The former boss of the Bonanno crime family Vinny “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano is not only facing the death penalty in his upcoming trial but he is also now facing a move to a Supermax prison in Colorado. Basciano’s death penalty trial is not set to take place until the spring of 2011 at the earliest so the judge is considering sending him to the Colorado Supermax facility to continue to serve out his life sentence he was sentenced to in 2007 for racketeering and murder charges.

Basciano said “no thanks” to the possible move and said the Supermax facility is three times worse then where he is now in solitary confinement in Brooklyn. For the last 44 months Basciano has been held in lockdown usually reserved for terrorist types because he allegedly plotted to have a prosecutor , government witness , and even a judge in his previous case killed. The move to the Supermax would put Basciano in an environment where some of the most dangerous inmates are held.

Up until now Basciano has been able to charm his way through the prison system with amazing success even though being locked down in solitary he enjoyed many benefits still. He found a way to get visits from now only his ex-wife but also his mistress approved during his stay in Brooklyn and visits from all five lawyers working on his case at taxpayers expense. Basciano has even refused a court appearance because it was visiting day for which the Judge in the case was talked out of using force to make Basciano appear by the prison warden.

It is unknown as of now if Judge Garaufis will order Basciano to the Supermax in Colorado before his next trial starts but either way the last exit from NY for the former Mafia boss nears. Basciano’s reign as boss over the Bonanno family was short lived and shows the constant turnover in leadership that most if not all of the major Mafia families today are facing.

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