Genovese Family may soon have new Boss

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Tino Fiumara

It looks as if the open spot atop the Genovese crime family could be on the verge of being filled. Since the conviction of long time Genovese family boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante the top spot in the Genovese family has been vacant says law enforcement. But that could soon change sources are saying as one of the families long time Capo’s who is back on the streets looks to have his eye on taking over.

Tino Fiumara a long time capo in the Genovese family is now back out on the streets after being in prison since 2005 and not being allowed to associate with known criminals for the past 3 years after his prison term ended. Fed’s say that Fiumara has been a long feared and powerful capo within the family. Fiumara handles Genovese family business in New Jersey and is the families go-to guy on the Jersey docks. Fiumara now resides in Long Island but the Fed’s say he is still in firm control over the Genovese rackets in Jersey including the longshoremen union and labor rackets.

Fiumara is said to be a strong candidate to take over as the new Genovese family boss. Sources say that Fiumara has been making his presence felt over the last couple months likely in an attempt to strengthen his position to becomes new boss. Reports say that over the last couple months Tino has employed a new chauffeur/bodyguard who takes him on his appointed rounds daily as he conducts business. Fiumara has also established a new emissary who handles his dirty work down on the piers of the Jersey docks he controls which was once handled by Stephen Depiro. Depiro was indicted by the Fed’s for handing loansharking , labor rackets , and illegal gambling for Fiumara and they hoped to convince Depiro to cooperate which failed.

One source following Fiumara said he is a gangster to the core and he is definitely not thinking of riding off into the sunset just yet so his making a play for the Genovese top spot is very likely. So there may well be change ahead with in the ranks of the Genovese crime family as they try and establish a new leader now that the Gigante era has come to an end.

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