Leader of Bonanno Family Florida Crew Sentenced

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The leader of a powerful Bonanno crime family crew that operated out of florida has finally been sentenced. Thomas Fiore lead the Bonanno based florida crew from Boynton Beach which included 10 members nince of which were men and one woman. Fiore received a sentence of 12 years and seven months for his role in charges of federal racketeering. Fiore pleaded guilty back in October.

Fiore has family ties to the Bonanno family going back to his uncle Gerard “Gerry” Chilli who is a reputed Bonanno family Capo. Chilli himself is awaiting sentencing on loan sharking charges in New York. Fiore was busted along with Chilli in 2005 in what the fed’s called “Operation Coldwater” which included investigations into drugs , illegal gambling, extortion , and other various crimes. There were 10 other co-defendants which have now all taken plea deals.

The Fed’s infiltrated the Florida crew via an undercover officer and intercepted phone calls linking Fiore to the crimes. Fiore would solicit the undercover officer for help in laundering money , selling stolen good, handling fake checks, and identity theft. Fiore also conspired to have his own business a gym named Round 1 Fitness Center burned down so he could collect the insurance money. Fiore even has been linked to at attempted murder of a business partner but the identity of the partner is unknown.

Fiore would travel back and forth from Florida to New York to meet with the leadership of the Bonanno Family to report and get any orders. The Bonanno family along with other New York Mafia families have been reported to have crew’s operation in Florida which has long been an organized crime hot spot.

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