Reputed Genovese boss Arillotta Turncoat status solidified

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Some people in mafia circles still considered it simply a rumor that reputed Genovese crime family boss Anthony J. Arillotta had flipped and was now working for the Fed’s and were in wait and see mode. Well that looks to have ended now when Arillotta was a no show for a pre-trial conference in his case this week. This pretty much locks up the fact that Arillotta is now co-operating with authorities.

Arillotta was arrested in February along with six other defendants in a racketeering indictment which included the killing of mobster Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno. But right after he was arraigned in March Arillotta disappeared from the prison system prompting many to believe he was likely cutting a deal to co-operate and turn rat. Neither Arillotta’s lawyer nor the prosecutors would comment on the status or location of Arillotta.

But not long after Arillotta’s disappearing act the Fed’s began searching a wooded area for what looked like remains of a possible body. Bones recovered at the dig site in Agawam are believed to be that of Gary D. Westerman who had ties to Arillotta but the Fed’s have yet to confirm that information or bring any charges for the Westerman murder.

Arillotta is also charged with putting a hit out of rival mobster Big Al Bruno with permission from Arthur “Artie” Nigro of New York’s Genovese family. Arillotta wanted Bruno hit because he thought he was an informant for the Fed’s so he had his then muscle man Fotios Geas set up the hit. Geas paid Frankie A. Roche ten thousand dollars to shoot Bruno as he left his weekly card game. Roche has already turned rat and pleaded guilty to killing Bruno and entered witness protection. If convicted Nigro and Geas could get the death penalty and with Roche already lined up to testify and now Arillotta likely doing the same it is not looking good for the pair of mobsters.

Judge P. Kevin Castel entered the court room for the pre-trial hearing where all the defendants in the case had gathered except for Arillotta. After looking over the court room the Judge asked ” Is Mr. Arillotta here , or is there anyone representing him ? ” and U.S. Attorney Mark Lanpher stood up and stated ” I think the court can excuse his presence Judge”. This ended any further discussion about Arillotta and has erased any doubt that he is now playing for the other side.

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