Gambino Soldier Anthony Anastasio commits suicide

Posted By Mafia News On May 2, 2010

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Anthony “Todo” Anastasio (right)

Long time Gambino crime family soldier Anthony “Todo” Anastasio killed himself on Friday just before he was set to start his prison term. Anastasio’s wife found him dead in the kitchen at their home in Dyker Heights on Friday. Also found was a .22 caliber handgun the shell casing from the two shots fired and a suicide note from Todo. Police belief that Anastasio killed himself rather then going to jail which would of been a tough stretch at the age of 81.

Anastasio was convicted for racketeering , arson, and extortion and was sentenced to 2.5 years. He was set to surrender himself to authorities on May 10 to begin the prison term. He was caught on tape by the Fed’s during an investigation in which he was bragging about the Gambino families grip on the New York City waterfront. He was scheduled to be sent to a prison that was only a few hours drive from his home so friends and family could easily visit and his sentence which could of been up to 20 years was significantly less.

Todo Anastasio’s uncle was Albert Anastasia the boss of the infamous mafia group known as Murder Inc. Todo had been a loyal Gambino family member and was from all reports considered a stand up guy in mafia circles. Investigator’s say that Anastasio was in good health and had no known serious illness’s that may have prompted the suicide. Anastasio’s lawyer in a statement said it was a sudden death and a real shock to the family and they are in mourning.

Italian Police continue to hit ‘Ndrangheta Mafia

Posted By Mafia News On April 29, 2010

Thirty more members of the powerful ‘Ndrangheta mafia syndicate were arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Most of the arrest were made in the Calabrian city of Rosarno a long time ‘Ndrangheta strong hold with other arrest happening in the towns of Bergamo and Milan. Along with the arrest the police seized property worth over 10 million euro’s ($98.5 Million) which included a radio station called “Radio Olimpia” police say the mafia family owned and used to transmit coded messages to member in prison.

Police called this latest operation against the Calabrain mafia “all inside” and served 30 of the 40 warrants associated with it. Most of the arrested ‘Ndrangheta members were thought to be part of the Pesce Clan who’s strong hold is the southern Calarian region. The Pesce clan operations included drug trafficking , money laundering , extortion, and murder. Seven women were among the arrested and police say they specialized in money laundering operations for the ‘Ndrangheta using dirty money to purchase real estate through shell companies.

Francesco Pesce the son of the Pesce clan boss Antonino Pesce who is already detained from a previous arrest is still at large as he was able to escape the raids. He is thought to possibly be in control of the mafia clan on the streets while his father remains in prison. The ‘Ndrangheta or Calabrian mafia has been hit hard of late by Italian police pressure with multiple clans and bosses being imprisoned.

Top Ndrangheta Mafia boss arrested in Italy

Posted By Mafia News On April 27, 2010

After being on the run for over 17 years Italian police have finally arrested one of the ‘Ndrangheta top mafia bosses. Giovanni Tegano is one of the countries 30 most dangerous fugitives and a powerful mob boss for the Calabria Mafia. Tegano has long been wanted for various mafia related charges including murder and mafia association.

Tegano is the boss of the ‘Ndrina clan of the ‘Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia. The ‘Ndrina clan is one of the most powerful clans within the mafia family. Robert Maroni the Interior Minister said the arrest was the hardest blow that could of been dealt to the ‘Ndrangheta today as Tegano was the number one wanted mafia figure from Calabria.

The ‘Ndrangheta is considered to be the most powerful of the four major organized crime syndicates operating today in Italy. They run various operations including major drug trafficking , extortion , prostitution , and arms trafficking. It is estimated that the ‘Ndrangheta mafia family in 2007 made approx 44 billion euro’s or $80 billion dollars from its various operations which was estimated to be the equivalent of 2.9% of the gross domestic product of Italy.

Of late there has been a crack down on the ‘Ndrangheta by the Italian police as some of there top bosses who had been on the run for years have finally been arrested. But it is yet to be seen if these arrest will make any significant impact on the day to day operations and power base of the now powerful Calabrian mafia.

Gambino Indictments fueled by Rat

Posted By Mafia News On April 23, 2010

With the new crop of Gambino crime family members on the streets it is no real surprise that a rat has shown up once again. The latest indictments of the Gambino family were the direct cause of a rat working within the teenage prostitution ring the family ran using The informant wore a wire for at least a six month period making over 40 recordings equaling over 200 hours of conversations with Gambino family members.

The wire tap tapes include a Gambino family member talking to a teenage prostitute on how to conduct business. Court records indicate that within all of the recordings they do not have reputed Gambino family boss Daniel Marino , his name comes up in various conversations involving other Gambino family members but he was able to avoid being caught on tape. Marino’s name is repeatedly used as one of the men in charge of the Gambino family operations.

Gambino soldier Onofrio Modica was not so lucky or as quiet on tape as Marino. Modica was captured on more then 17 recorded conversations talking about mafia business including loansharking and extortion. Matthew Mari the lawyer for Modica said that the Fed’s made Modica an offer to cooperate and flip one day on his way to physical therapy but his client wanted no part of it. Modica’s lawyer said that “Modica is not in the mafia , and simply knows people who are” and the Fed’s case is guilty by association. But prosecutors in the case say they have powerful evidence of Modica’s involvement in not only prostitution , loansharking, and extortion but also murder. Mari said his client was told by the Fed’s if he cooperated he could walk away from these charges but he refused to flip and that is why he is under arrest now.

The last Gambino family member wanted in the case Steven “Stevie” Maiurro surrendered to the Fed’s Thursday on Staten Island. Maiurro was able to avoid being arrested on Tuesday when the Fed’s hit the rest of the Gambino members. The Gambino family like most other mafia families now a days has been plagued by informants and once again they have to deal with being betrayed from within.

Fed’s hit Gambino Family with new Indictments

Posted By Mafia News On April 21, 2010

The Fed’s are once again on the attack against the Gambino crime family in New York. New indictments have been handed down for 14 Gambino family members and associates on a variety of charges. The rash of charges in the indictments include extortion , wire fraud , illegal gambling , loansharking , narcotics trafficking, jury tampering , and sex trafficking of minors. The indictments include members of the Gambino family from top to bottom.

The reputed boss of the Gambino family Daniel Marino was also named in the indictment. Marino is thought by many to be the current boss of the Gambino family and in full control of its more then 200 made members. Other charged in the indictments are reputed Gambino soldiers Onofrio Modica and Thomas Orefice who run there own respective crews that include defendants Michael Scotto, Anthony Manzella, Michael Scarpaci, Dominick DiFiore, David Eisler, Thomas Scarpaci, and Salvatore Borgia. Also charged were Gambino family associates Suzanna Porcelli, Steve Maiurro, Anthony Vecchione, and Keith Dellitalia for committing crime for the Gambino family.

Reputed boss Marino is being charged with the 1998 mafia murder of his own nephew Frank Hydell and the 1989 murder of Thomas Spinelli as it was feared the two mobsters were passing on family secrets to the Fed’s. Onofrio Modica is also being charged with murder for the double murder in 1987 of Richard Sbarra and James DiGuglielmo over a drug related dispute. There were also various defendants charged for running a prostitution ring which were selling girls age 15-19 possibly using as a operating avenue.

The indictments also revealed extortion scheme’s run by the Gambino family that involved construction , financial services , and the home heating oil industries. Charges for running a drug ring that sold marijuana , cocaine , and Oxycontin were also released along with a plot to use jury tampering during the 1992 trial of then Gambino mafia boss John Gotti. The Gambino’s were also running a restaurant scam involving Manzella’s meat company as a front filling false invoices for deliveries and paying kickbacks to the kitchen chef’s.

Former acting Genovese family boss Daniel Leo and Crew hit by Fed’s again

Posted By Mafia News On March 25, 2010

The former acting boss of the Genovese crime family Daniel Leo also known as “The Lion” is in the cross hairs of the Fed’s once again. He was back in court and sentenced to an additional 18 months in prison for conspiracy and dealings in Genovese family business such as racketeering and illegal gambling. He was also ordered to forfeit 1.3 million dollars made from his mafia rackets. This sentence was ordered to run consecutively with his current 60 month sentence he is serving for extortion. The Lion was sentenced along with his nephew Joseph Leo who was one of his top lieutenants when he was in power.

Leo became the acting boss of the Genovese family in 2005 after holding a spot on the families ruling panel. Even after Leo became boss of the family he continued to run his old crew which included Joseph Leo and Charles Salzano along with others and they handled such mob rackets as extortion, loansharking , and illegal gambling. It is reputed that Leo directly ran his crew and gave orders on mafia business until he was convicted and sentenced to prison in 2007.

There were six other Genovese family members and associates charged in the new indictments which were also linked to the Leo crew. Anthony Masullo , Angelo Masullo , Felice Masullo, Arthur Boland, Charles Salzano, and Vincent Cotona and they have all pleaded guilty and await sentencing. They all face lengthy prison sentences and this puts another dent in the Genovese family as it removes more Genovese soldiers from the street and puts one of its money generating crew’s now out of business. The leadership of the Genovese family is in flux and Leo is no longer considered the acting boss of the family as he serves out his prison time.

State of Mafia in Springfield , Mass

Posted By Mafia News On March 8, 2010

It has been six years now since reputed New England Mafia capo who ran the mafia in Springfield, Mass Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno was gunned down in a gangland slaying. Since then there have been multiple arrest on members of organized crime linked back to New York and the Genovese Crime Family. Since then the face of organized crime in Springfield has been changing say the Fed’s. From the old school mob ways of Al Bruno to today things in Springfield just aren’t the same.

Bruno was known by many in the area as a low key character who even supported many of the local charities although his income was allegedly coming from local mafia bookmaking rings. Taking over after Bruno’s death was Genovese family leader Anthony Arillotta and its thought that Arillotta and Arthur Nigro are the one’s who had Bruno killed to seize control of the local illegal gaming rackets. Arillotta , Nigro , Fotios Geas a mob associate were arrested in connection with the Bruno murder , prosecutor’s say that the men paid mob associate Frankie Roche to handle the Bruno hit.

Roche has since turned rat and him and his family have been placed in the witness protection program by the Fed’s. According to court records the Roche family has already received over 61 thousand dollars in payments from the federal government for his cooperation and continues to receive monthly payments of $4,500. Along with the Bruno murder the indictment against Arillotta and Geas contains charges of drug trafficing , extortion of local business owners , and illgeal gambling machines being forced into local bars and clubs.

Local law enforcement claim that their efforts along with federal and state police have severely diminished the power of the Mafia in Springfield since the days of Bruno. But the Springfield Mafia is not yet down for the count and they are still doing business on the street’s and maintaining a presence although it is a question as to who is in control as the Genovese family out of NY is possibly making a play to take over territory long held by the New England mafia. It yet to be seen if the recent violence and indictments will be the final blow to the mob influence in Springfield but odd’s are that the Mafia is not yet ready to lay down in a city filled with mob history.

Leader of Bonanno Family Florida Crew Sentenced

Posted By Mafia News On March 2, 2010

The leader of a powerful Bonanno crime family crew that operated out of florida has finally been sentenced. Thomas Fiore lead the Bonanno based florida crew from Boynton Beach which included 10 members nince of which were men and one woman. Fiore received a sentence of 12 years and seven months for his role in charges of federal racketeering. Fiore pleaded guilty back in October.

Fiore has family ties to the Bonanno family going back to his uncle Gerard “Gerry” Chilli who is a reputed Bonanno family Capo. Chilli himself is awaiting sentencing on loan sharking charges in New York. Fiore was busted along with Chilli in 2005 in what the fed’s called “Operation Coldwater” which included investigations into drugs , illegal gambling, extortion , and other various crimes. There were 10 other co-defendants which have now all taken plea deals.

The Fed’s infiltrated the Florida crew via an undercover officer and intercepted phone calls linking Fiore to the crimes. Fiore would solicit the undercover officer for help in laundering money , selling stolen good, handling fake checks, and identity theft. Fiore also conspired to have his own business a gym named Round 1 Fitness Center burned down so he could collect the insurance money. Fiore even has been linked to at attempted murder of a business partner but the identity of the partner is unknown.

Fiore would travel back and forth from Florida to New York to meet with the leadership of the Bonanno Family to report and get any orders. The Bonanno family along with other New York Mafia families have been reported to have crew’s operation in Florida which has long been an organized crime hot spot.

Colombo Family “streetboss” DeLeo running things from Boston

Posted By Mafia News On January 18, 2010

Fed’s believe that the New York based Colombo Crime Family was being run from Boston right in the middle of the heartland of the New England Mafia. The Fed’s claim that Ralph DeLeo is that “street boss” of the Colombo Crime Family and has been running the family from his base of operations in Boston. DeLeo is said to control a crew of colombo family members within Boston which conducts mob business such as extortion , loansharkings and drugs.

DeLeo was heard saying on wiretaps ” In Boston im nothing , but in New York everybody is holding the door , helpin ya get your coat off , giving you hugs and kissing me”. DeLeo was hoping this “low key” status as far off as Boston would keep him off the Fed’s radar. DeLeo the Fed’s claim has been running the crime family and was the highest ranking Colombo Family member on the streets. DeLeo was running the crime family operations and reporting back to jailed family boss Carmine Persico -”The Snake” and jailed acting boss Alphone Persico “Allie Boy”.

During the Federal investigation DeLeo was also caught on wiretaps telling his sister about presiding over a mafia induction ceremony. DeLeo was heard describing how he was picked up in different cars and in different groups to avoid being followed and how much of a big deal it all was. This wasn’t the first time in New England that mafia ceremony information was caught on tape , in 1989 a New England mafia ceremony itself was caught on tape by wiretaps placed on location at a Medford residence , this was the first time in history a mafia induction ceremony was to be caught live on tape and led to the takedown of high ranking members within the local crime family.

A New York or any other mafia family moving into the territory of the New England mafia would normally be unheard of but the New England mafia is not what it once was. The New England mafia has been hit hard by federal prosecutions and is severly weakened and an event like this just goes to show how weak the New England mafia’s powerbase really is. DeLeo was hit with a federal indictment for a racketeering conspiracy charge last month and is being held in Arkansas where is also faces charges of drug trafficking.

Gambino Family associates admit to mob hit

Posted By Mafia News On December 24, 2009

Gambino Crime Family associates Thomas Dono and Letterio Decarlo have admitted to a mob hit on Frank Hydell in 1998. Both Dono and Decarlo pleaded guilty in court for the crime in Manhattan. Both defendants also pleaded guilty to running a gambling operation for the Gambino Family in the late 1990′s.

During there time as associates of the Gambino Family both Dono and Decarlo admit to committing various other crimes such as robbery, witness tampering, extortion, assault and more. It is always a goal of the Gambino Family and any organized crime family to try and protect its members from prosecution and detection by any means necessary including murder and intimidation. Hydell was thought to be willing to provide information to the Fed’s on Gambino Family business including Dono , Decarlo and other Gambino Family members. Gambino family felt Hydell was giving the Fed’s information on the mob murder of Frank parasole in 1997.

Gambino Family leadership decided Hydell was to be murdered before he could rat to the Fed’s and called upon Dono and Decarlo to carry out the hit. Dono and Decarlo made the hit to improve there position with the Gambino Family. Both Dono and Decarlo have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to operate an illegal gambling business along with conspiracy to commit murder for the aid of racketeering. The gambling charge carries with it a max sentence of 5 years and the murder charge a 10 year max sentence along with a 250,000 fine for each count. Dono and Decarlo are scheduled to be sentenced on March 22.