Could another Colombo Family Persico be targeted by the Fed’s

Posted By Mafia News On February 17, 2010

The rats are mounting and it looks as if more reputed Colombo Crime Family hierarchy are again under the microscope. With recently turned Colombo Family member Frank Sparaco giving the Fed’s new inside information its now a matter of time before they come calling. Seems as if Frankie Blue Eye’s is singing to the Fed’s about a Colombo Family hit that took place in 1992.

Its reported that the Fed’s may be targeting Michael Persico the son of Colombo Family boss Carmine Persico also known as “Junior Persico”. As of now Michael has not been charged with any mafia crimes even though he has been long thought by the Fed’s to be a part of his fathers crime family. With information put forward by Sparaco the Fed’s hope to be able to finally get some charges to stick on Michael and end what they call his “charmed” life.

The hit in question took place on Jan 24, 1992 on a staten island nightclub owner named Michael Devine. Devine was then involved with Teresa Persico who was the then wife of mob prince Alphonse Persico known as “Allie Boy”.Allie Boy is also the son of imprisoned Colombo boss Carmine Persico. Prosecutors have long had recorded conversations in which Allie Boy Persico had angrily discussed his wife’s affair with Devine and he vowed to take some sort of action. But despite these tapes and threats prosecutors could never make a case and charge anyone with the murder.

But now with Sparaco ratting it looks as if there may be a chance to finally have the gangland hit cleared up. It is being reported that now with the cooperation of Sparaco the Fed’s will be able to file its first ever charges against Michael Persico. Sparaco’s testimony along with taped phone calls from Allie Boy to Michael from his jail cell could link Michael to carrying out the hit ordered by Allie Boy in response to the affair. A day before the Devine murder Allie Boy Persico was taped telling his brother that¬† John Dileo a Colombo Family associate ” has the color of his vehicle”. Then a follow up call made less then an hour later to an unknown conspirator told Allie Boy that “Sparaco and Dileo were at Michael Persico’s home waiting for him to return”. Its thought that Sparaco can link these calls to the murder plot of Devine.

Devine was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car in the early morning hours with the car still running. Devine was shot with a .22 caliber handgun. Devine was found to have 2 gunshot wounds to his groin which is thought to be a sign that Devine was killed because he was being improperly intimate with a member of the mafia or La Cosa Nostra. It’s now a wait and see as to if the Fed’s do in fact have a case and come after “The Last Persico” .

Colombo Family Turncoat list continues to grow

Posted By Mafia News On February 1, 2010

Seems like things for the Colombo Crime Family just continue to get worse. Colombo Family “street boss” Thomas Gioeli known as “Tommy Shots” and family consigliere Joel Cacace known as “Joe Waverly” seem to have the rats stacking up against them. Both Colombo family members were charged 13 months ago with 6 mafia murders including the 1997 killing of a NY City police officer could end up facing the death penalty. It was reported last week that Colombo Family Capo Dino Calabro knowns as “Big Dino” had decided to turn rat and testify against the crime family leaders. But now it seems that the fed’s have another ace in the hole.

Reports now claim that long time Colombo family mobster Frank Sparaco known as “Frankie Blue Eyes”¬† who is a close friend of jailed family boss Alphonse Persico will also testify against Cacace and Gioeli. Sparaco already in jail after he was indicted on murder conspiracy charges along with Theodore Persico – Brother of boss Alphonse Persico in 1993. Sparaco was deeply involved in the Colombo Family fued that developed in the eatly 1990′s which left atleast 12 Colombo family members and associates dead. Sparaco made his decision to turn states evidence and testify as the Fed’s were considering hitting him with new murder charges stemming from the gangland hit on bar owner Michael Devine back in 1992. Recent family turncoat Calabro is reported to have supplied the Fed’s with information on the hit which was reportedly ordered from prison by Allie Persico.

Sparaco who is still serving his recent sentence was not scheduled to be released until 2014 and the new charges could have kept him in prison for life. Sources are reporting that Calabro was testify that Tommy Shots Gioeli was involved in atleast 5 mafia murders one of which was the killing of William Cutolo knowns as “Wild Bill” the former underboss of the crime family. Calabro could also link Gioeli to the killing of Colombo gangster John Minerva and an associate during the Colombo Family wars. Sparaco who was also involved in many killings during the Colombo war as behalf of the Persico faction can also shed light on the Minerva killing which there are also 3 other Colombo mobsters being charged.

Sparaco guilty plea in 1993 covered 5 mafia murders so he like Calabro has a long history of mafia violence. Calabro in the current indictment was charged with 8 mafia murders which would most certainly put him away for life if convicted. The decisions by Calabro and now long time family member Sparaco have really shaken the already staggered Colombo Crime Family. The fallout will with out a doubt be felt through out the family and it will be tough for the Colombo’s to take another strong hit the Fed’s.