2009 Mafia Happenings – A Recap

Posted By Mafia News On January 1, 2010

January Events

January 15 – FBI agent John J. Connolly was sentenced and got a 40 year jail term for his involvement with mafia informants Stephen  Flemmi – “The Rifleman” and James Bulger- “Whitey”. Connolly was convicted of murder and for supplying the mafia figures with inside information from the FBI.

January 26 – Chicago mobster Paul Schiro – “the Indian”  is sentenced and gets 20 years for racketeering from his indictment in the “Family Secrets” trial.

January 28 – Leader in the Chicago Mafia – The Outfit Frank Calabrese Sr is sentenced and gets life in prison for murder and racketeering. Calabrese was also convicted in the “Family Secrets” case from 2007.

Febuary Events

Febuary 2 – Joseph Lombardo – “Joey the Clown”  another leader in the Chicago Mafia – The Outfit is sentenced and gets life for racketeering and murder. Also convicted during the Family Secrets case of 07′.

Febuary 4 – The Fed’s hit the Genovese Family in new york with massive indictments. Over a dozen Genovese Family members are hit with a 38-count indictment including murder and racketeering included in these indictments was Genovese “Acting Boss” Daniel “The Lion” Leo.

Febuary 5 – James Marcello another leader in the Chicago Mafia – The Outfit is sentenced and gets life in prison for murder and racketeering. He was also convicted in the Family Secrets case of 2007.

Febuary 11 – Gambino Family boss John D’ Amico – “Jackie Nose”  along with Gambino Family associate Joseph Watts are both indicted by the Fed’s for racketeering and murder.

Febuary 12 – The Genovese family crew in Garrison NY known as the Delmonico Crew have six members hit with indictments for racketeering.

Febuary 27 – The then acting boss of the Colombo Family in New York Alphonse Persico – “Allie Boy”  is sentenced and gets life in prison for the 1999 murder of Colombo Family member William Cutolo – “Wild Bill”. With both Persico father and son now convicted and serving life sentences Fed’s believe it coule mark the end of Persico family control of the Colombo Mafia Family.

March Events

March 6 – Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito known as the “Mafia Cops” are sentenced and both get life in prison for cooperating with members of the Lucchese Family.

March 17 – Charles Carneglia a soldier for the Gambino Crime Family is sentenced for murder and racketeering , he was known for disposing murder victims in acid to get rid of the bodies.

March 26 – Chicago Mafia – Outfit member Nicholas Calabrese is sentenced and gets a 12 year sentence for murder and racketeering. Calabrese was convicted in the “Family Secrets” case in 2007 but decided to cooperate with the Fed’s and turned rat and then testified against the other Chicago Mafia leaders along with his brother. For his cooperation he got a reduced sentence.

April Events

April 6 – Bonanno Family acting boss Salvatore Montagna – “Sal the Ironworker”  is arrested by the Fed’s. Fed’s along with immigration officials plan to deport the Bonanno leader back to canada. Montagna the FBI says led the Bonanno Family from 2006 after the convictions of then boss Joe Massino and Vincent Basciano.

April 8 – New England Mafia leader Anthony St Laurent – “The Saint”  is indicted for planning to kill a rival New England Mafia Capo Robert DeLuca Sr.

April 17 – Gambino Family member Nicholas Corozzo – “Little Nicky”  is sentenced and gets 13 years in jail for racketeering and murder. Corozzo murdered a Lucchese Family associate named Robert Arena. Fed’s believed that Corozzo was on a short list to possibly take over a leadership role in the Gambino Crime Family.

April 27 – Genovese Capo and leader of the Genovese New Jersey Crew Angelo Prisco is convicted for racketeering , murder, and extortion.

April 28 – Deputy U.S. Marshall John T. Ambrose is convicted in the “Family Secrets” case of 2007. Ambrose was stealing and then leaking witness testimony to Nicholas Calabrese of the Chicago Mafia.

May Events

May 3 – New England Mafia member Donato Angiulo – “Danny” dies of natural causes. Donato Angiulo was the brother of reputed New England Family underboss Jerry Angiulo and was thought to have once served as Caporegime.

May 17 – Chicago Mafia – Outfit leader Alfonso Tornabene – “Pizza Man”  dies of natural causes. Tornabene was said to have been a senior member of the Chicago Mafia after the indictment and conviction of James Marcello and other Outfit leaders and helped to run the Chicago Mafia for over 10 years.

May 21 – The Bonanno Families Florida based crew is hit with sweeping indictments as 11 members are charged.

July Events

July 1 – The leader of the boston crew of the New England Mafia Carmen DiNunzio – “The Cheese Man”  pleads guilty to bribery in association with the “Big Dig” highway construction project in Boston.

August Events

August 18 – Leader of the Genovese Family’s crew in New Jersey Angelo Prisco is sentenced and gets life in prison for a hand in the murder of Angelo Sangiuolo along with robbery.

August 29 – Former Underboss of the New England Mafia Gennaro Angiulo – “Jerry”  dies of kidney failure.

September Events

September 17 – Charles Carneglia soldier for the Gambino Crime Family is sentenced and gets life in prison for murder and racketeering.

September 21 – The fourth in a string of racketeering cases again John A. “Junior” Gotti reputed boss of the Gambino Family begins.

September 24 – Carmen DiNunzio – “The Cheese Man”  boss of the Boston crew of the New England Mafia is sentenced and gets 6 years in prison for bribery.

October Events

October 1 – The Fed’s hit the Lucchese Crime Family in New York with two rounds of raids and arrest 29 members of the family. Included in the arrest were members of the ruling panel then heading the Lucchese Family Matthew Madonna and Joseph DiNapoli.

October 7 – Fed’s hit the Bonanno Crime Family in New York and 15 associates and members of the family are arrested. One of those arrested was a member of the Bonanno Family ruling panel Joseph Sammartino – “Sammy”.

October 27 – Anthony Anastasio – “Todo”  nephew of the late Gambino Crime Family boss Albert Anastasio is convicted of extortion and racketeering.


November 5 – The New England Mafia see’s a powerbase shift as boston based Peter Limone is said to have taken leadership of the New England Mafia. Limone replaced providence based leader Luigi Manocchio.

November 20 – Gambino Crime Family Caporegime Gregory Depalma dies in prison.

December Events

December 1 – The fifth racketeering case against reputed Gambino Family member and boss John “Junior” Gotti ends in another hung jury.

December 21 – Thomas Dono and Letterio DeCarlo both Gambino Crime Family associates announced guilty plea’s to conspiring the murder of Gambino Family turncoat Frank Hydell.

December 28 – The son of reputed Canadian Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto is murdered. Nick Rizzuto Jr was found shot to death in Montreal.