Updated Colombo Family Leadership being revealed ?

Posted By Mafia News On April 13, 2010 - no responses

With help from members of the Colombo crime family including Theodore Persico Jr the changing leadership of the Colombo family is possibly being brought to light. Theodore Persico himself is currently a member of the Colombo families administration. From as far back as 2006 there have been reports on the Colombo family leadership changes from within and that has continued today.

In 2006 Garofalo a Persico Jr co-defendant now told a cooperating witness that since then acting boss Alphonse Persico was going on trial that Andrew “Mush” Russo would take control of the Colombo family as soon as he was off of supervised release. Then in 2008 Persico Jr himself admitted that there was a Colombo crime family and after the arrest of then boss Thomas Gioeli Persico told a witness that Benji Castellazo was the new Colombo family acting boss and Richard Fusco was the new consigliere.

Now in July 2009 James Bombino in a recorded conversation with a cooperating witness said that Persico Jr had been made underboss of the Colombo family. It was also recorded from another co-conspirator in the case that Persico Jr previously served as street boss following his release from prison.

It is unknown if this information is actually accurate as it could be a ploy of misinformation to try and throw the Fed’s off the trail of the actual family leadership but at this point seems to be reliable. But the Colombo family has with out a doubt seen various changes at the top over the last few years as the Fed’s continue to attack the family.

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