Who’s The Boss – Today’s Mafia Leadership

Mafia News Today will keep you up to date with the current boss and leadership of the various Mafia Families.

Chicago Mafia – Outfit

Current Boss -  John “No Nose” Difronzo

Current UnderBoss -  “?”

The Outfit always has and still does keep a very low key status but MNT will try and keep tabs and update any known info.

Philadelphia Mafia Family

Current Boss – Joseph Ligambi – “Unlce Joe” Ligambi

Current Underboss – Marty Angelina

Current Consigliere – Anthony Staino – “Tony Staino”  *(may have moved to underboss)

Current Family Size -  Estimated Philly Mafia family at approx 50 made men

New England Mafia Family

Current Boss – Peter Limone

Current Underboss – Robert “Bobby” Deluca

Current Consigliere -  *with recent shakeup unknown*

Current Family Size – Estimated NE Mafia at 40+ Made Men

Buffalo Mafia Family

Current Boss – Joe Torado Sr/Jr *retired*/ *Acting* Leonard Falzone

Current Underboss -  Benjamin Nicolletti Jr – “Sonny Nicolletti”

Current Consigliere – Believed Joe Torado Jr is considered Consigliere

Current Family Size – Estimated Buffalo Mafia at 30+ Made Men

New Jersey Mafia Family *DeCavalcante*

Current Boss – Giovanni Riggi – “John The Eagle”/ *Acting*- Francesco Guarraci

Current Underboss – Joseph  Miranda – “Joe”

Current Consigliere – Frank D’Amato

Current Family Size – Estimated New Jersey Mafia  Family Size approx 50 Made Men

New Orleans Mafia Family

Current Boss – Anthony Carolla

Current Underboss – Frank Gagliano – “Fat Frank”

Current Consigliere – * ? *

Current Family Size – Estimated New Orleans Mafia Family approx 10 Made Men

Gambino Mafia Family *New York*

Current Boss – *Run by Ruling Panel* – Daniel Marino / Robert Vernace / Giovanni Gambino -”John”

Current Underboss – Arnold Squitieri – “Zeke”

Current Consigliere – Joseph Corozzo – ” Jo Jo”

Current Family Size – Estimated Gambino Mafia Family size  appox 250+ Made Men

Bonanno Mafia Famly *New York*

Current Boss – Vacant as of 07′ / *acting* – Salvatore “Sal the iron worker” Montagna (recently indicted)

Current Underboss – Vacant / *acting ?* Nicholas  Santora – “Nicky Mouth”

Current Consigliere – Vincent Badalamenti – “Vinny T.V.”

Current Family Size – Estimated Bonanno Mafia Family size approx 120+ Made Men

Colombo Mafia Family *New York*

Current Boss – Carmine Persico – “Junior/The Snake”(jailed) / *acting* – Benji “the little guy”  Castellazo

Current Underboss – John Franzese – “Sonny” (Indicted)/ Theodore Persico Jr ?

Current Consigliere – Joel  Cacace *jailed*/ *acting*  Richard “Ritchie Nerves”  Fusco

Current Family Size – Estimated Colombo Mafia Family size approx 90+ Made Men

Genovese Mafia Family *New York*

Current Boss – ” ? ” / *acting ?* – Paul  DiMarco / Liborio Bellomo

Current Underboss – Venero Mangano – “Benny Eggs”

Current Consigliere – James Ida – *The Little Guy* (jailed) / *acting ?* – Anthony Palumbo

Current Family Size – Estimated Genovese Mafia Family size approx 120+ Made Men

Lucchese Mafia Family *New York*

Current Boss – *Run by Ruling Panel* – Aniello  Migliore/ Joseph  DiNapoli/ Matthew Madonna

Current Underboss – Steven  Crea – “Stevie Wonder/Herbie”

Current Consigliere – Joseph  Caridi – “Joe C”

Current Family Size – Estimated Lucchese Mafia Family size approx 110+ Made Men